Crystal Lover

        Mama Chekesha

Formally known as Chekesha Koja Karemu,
Formerly known as Priscilla Amissah Aidoo,
Spiritually Known as Orisha Yinka
Motto – The truth is not afraid of questions.
  • Daughter of the Universe ∞Bringer of Laughter
  • Owner of Akoma International Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Lover of light Leader into knowledge
  • Author “Sciatica Be Gone: 7 easy steps to kicking sciatica to the curb”
  • Passionate Kemetotolgist
  • Raw food workshop chef/presenter
  • Crystal lover
My journey has been steady and strong into the realm of self-discovery and empowerment. This path has been wonderful as I have traversed thru many avenues with stops at several healing institutions of learning. My undergrad focus was medicine, but Graduate School swung me in another direction; business owner. So instead of a M.D. I obtained a M.B.A. Additional, all my life I have been an elementary science school teacher in family owned African Centered education primary schools.
Not to be denied, my medical journey continued down the Alternative Medical path, and today I marry my business, educational, and medical selves into an Alternative Healing Business.  “HEALERS INTL.” WHOLE BODY WELLNESS
In 2004, I took my first certification course for Alternative Medicine at the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine. I received the title of “Nutritional Consultant”
Since then, I have had a steady diet of life affirming knowledge flow in, around, and through me.
  • Took private instruction from: Baba Living Earth Foods Pierson.
  • Took a “Vegan All Stars” 3 day course with the famed Raw Food Chef – Dr. Aris Latham
  • Joined the Dr. Sebi African-Bio Mineral Alkaline Eating collective.
  • Natural Holistic Remedies Certifications novice and advanced – “Smart Majority”
  • Natural Holistic Essential Oils Certification – “Smart Majority”
  • Natural Holistic Beauty and Home Care Certification - “Smart Majority”
  • Studied TFT/EFT tapping. Certified Taptician
  • Took Chakra Energy Centers certification course. Certified Energy Centers Healer
  • Attended 30 day “Ancient Kemet Temple”: Health and Spiritual Symposium in South Africa

Meet the Healers

We are all spiritual workers on one level or another. We share here our collection of spirit workers that you will meet and mingle with at our events.

Peace!  Power!  Prosperity!

Olomidara (Mariyamah)Hill-Sanna


OloMidara is initiated into the priesthood of The Sacred Feminine Mysteries, Priestess of Yemojah and Queen Mother within her Village in Lexington  Kentucky.  She is also a naturally gifted healer. She has been certified and trained in the following modalities:

  • Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
  • Reiki Master
  • Non Directive Imagery
  • Aromatherapy
  • Life Coach
  • Chakra diagnosis and balancing
  • Ifa Divination

She believes, "We human beings have power over all sickness, dis-ease and all limitations and this lifetime is just a process to reawaken us to our true identity and consciously being One with the Divine Source."

Mama Goddess


Mama Goddess aka. Dr. Z. Auseti is a self-defined/self-actualized Alkhemist; Spiritual Preceptor of many gifts. And like the goddess she has many names and titles, however, above and beyond all that (she is/does) the title “Mama” reigns supreme as the mortal essence and value which she espouses.

Dr. Z. Auseti is an Independent Kemetologist, a Sesh mdw nTr Student, and a High Priestess of the Goddess’ Ast & Maat. She describes herself as an “eternal eclectic student of life…living, loving, learning, teaching, and leading by example; striving to be a divine representative of the divine feminine.

Dr. Auseti has posited her own definition of the terms “God/dess” based on her own innerstanding, i.e. deep reasoning and analysis. This is what she states:

”We have all heard the Christian mantra, call and response: “God Is Good,” then, “All the Time.” I interpret this quite literally to mean Good equals, equates to or represents God Energy and wherever there is Good, God Is…I often write God in this form “Go(o)d” because is exactly what I mean when I use this expression.”

“I use the term Goddess in reference to the Divine Feminine Force in Creation and within us as women; womb of both man and woman. And for me, the suffix “dess” in the term Goddess relates to the essence or energy of a thing as all things have energy/vibration; “an essence.”

“Wherefore, I refer to myself as goddess, i.e. god’s essence as a reminder to myself as well as to others of the true essence of which we are all made, god/desses children of the Most High God.”

It is Mama Goddess’ deep innerstanding (divine consciousness) of all the above that lends itself to her personal goddess energetic and her natural affinity for working with empowering Afrikan women with ancient wisdom knowledge of the sacred feminine. As she asserts that “when one comes into knowledge of one’s divine beingness; one ascends to the deeper reaches of one’s soul essence to strive for excellence in all one endeavors to be, do, and have.”

“All Life is a Perpetual Movement Toward Beingness; Becoming…Perfecting…Being Divine.”

Divinely Perfecting,

Mama Goddess


MeritAmen N. -aka MAMA ZULU

Founder Director/Ancient Kemet Temple. Elmina, Ghana

Gifts/Talents including being a Seer/Born with a veil, ordained minister, completed

Barbara King School of Ministry, Atlanta, GA.
Certified massage therapist.
First African born in America trained as a Sangoma by the world renown High Sanusi Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa of South Africa.
Traditional Healer & High Priestess
Certified Raw Food Chef

Born in Gary,IN.
United States.

1974 moved to Atlanta, GA. After completion of Ministry Training, I began my Ministry teaching meditation & kemetic yoga

1994 moved to Denver, CO during that residence was 1 of 75 Readers @ Body Mind Spirit Celebration Expo Fairs, Spring & Fall,

Through Divine Spirit have successfully reversed health & spiritual disease.

2009 relocated to Accra, Ghana.

Currently residing in Elmina, Ghana. Was awarded Ghanaian citizenship, December 2016.

Participant of volunteering @ Acoma Academy International School Of Arts & Science, in
Ayensodu, Ghana

African Renaissance Foundation @
University of Ghana Legon

Cultural And Wellness Festival
Aburi, GA

Other membership & organizations too numerous to list.