What you will become familiar with during the retreat:

 The Seven Major Chakras, how to clear and fortify each one. Signs and symptoms of blocked or unhealthy
 Corresponding crystals for each of the seven chakras
 How to use and care for your crystals/stones.
 Corresponding oils & incenses that are used for each Chakra.
 Using intentions for manifesting your desires/wants and needs.
 Alter construction and use.
 Mudras, for strengthening your spiritual connectedness during meditation and or yoga.

chakra pic3

What you will experience during our 4 inspiring days together

Four 5 hour comprehensive mornings immersed in understanding our 7 major energy centers (Chakras).
 Four afternoons of reflection, practice, relaxation and optional healing modality services*.
 Healthy delicious Vegan Meals.
 A beautiful lush green environment.

*Optional Services: Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, individual chakra diagnosis and clearing, spiritual readings, etc.

Retreat Offerings

Workbook:   The wordbook is to be personalized by each individual adding your personal energy to it with pictures, images, and personal thoughts. The book is full of tips and information to help you continue your newly found Chakra magic after you leave the sacred space!

Fresh home cooked Meals:  Nutritional, Healthy, vegan and vegetarian meals to stay in line with healing and "Whole Body Wellness".

Lush Green Environment:  It is highly recommended that you take advantage of the lodging nightly as a commute will take away from the continuous flow of the retreat experience.


What You Pay

  • Retreat Registration ~ $250      4 days

  • All accommodations are seperate charges.   See below...


Our retreat space

Our Sister Mama Adjoa, Owner of the Esteem Kofi and Adjoa guesthouse.

Website for room registration:

I will be staying at the  guest house as well.

Only 8 rooms available register today.

All rooms specially priced for our Retreat. Mention the Chakra Retreat or Air bnb price when making your reservation.


Tid bits

  • a food menu will be provided upon arrival
  • detailed instruction on items to pack will be discussed with each registrant
  • you may register by phone, or by email or in person if you see one of the team.
  • Three dates in 2019. April, July, & Dec.

Accepting a select few Vendors

if you sell, crystals, incense, or other metaphyscial items, please contact us at:

One table and one chair for 75 Ghana Cedis/20 dollars. Cedi payment preffered.